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White Sapphire

White Sapphire are extremely useful for the people working in travel and tourism , beauty industry, artistic endeavors , import and export and hospitality . And also it nullifying negative energy and negative thoughts. This gemstone fills the mind of its wearer with peace , calmness and joy. It is popularly known as the Safed Pukhraj , the wearer of this gemstone is blessed with a luxurious and comfortable life , success in career . And also the gemstone is also to attract beauty , charm and wealth . It is worn to strength the Venus (Sukra) in the kundali and support the person to defeat the weak condition of life . Natural White Sapphire (Safed pukhraj) is nearly colorless and white pale and precious gemstone of the corundum mineral family , White Sapphire generally comes from Sri-Lanka (Ceylon).

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Education about White Sapphire

White sapphire stone is excellent for harmony and joy in relationships and is also an excellent gemstone to heal abusive relationships and trauma because of relationships . The White Sapphire gemstone has a positive impact on confidence , self-esteem , personality and also it removes fear and complexes . Vedic astrologers suggest that a White sapphire gemstone can be worn either as a ring or in a Pendant set with silver . A White Sapphire set in a ring can be worn on the ring or the middle finger of the right hand . Make sure to wear it on a Friday during Shukla Paksh during sunset . White Sapphire gemstone is also known to attract beauty , charm and wealth . A lot of credit for the same goes to the planet Venus which is an epitome of good luck , wisdom and celestial grace . This colorless sapphire is said to be a great replacement to diamond in terms of its appearence . White sapphire is a precious gem of corundum mineral family and is worn to strengthen the Venus (Shukra) in kundali and supports the person to defeat the weak condition of life . The origin of White Sapphire is in Sri-Lanka , Burma , Cambodia , Tanzania and Madagascar . Natural White Sapphire works as remedial measures to fix issues related to money , love , marriage and career . The use of this stone is quite beneficial for the people who are into entertainment , fashion , hospitality , flims and photography industry for their artistic approach . One must chant (Aum Shum Shukraya Namaha) before wearing the white colored sapphire . The White sapphire is also helpful in curing diabetes , constipation , infertility and digestion . As it is important to wear a flawless and transparent piece of this gemstone , website makes sure that it offers you pure , unheated and original white sapphire so that there are no adverse effect on the wearer .

White topaz is the gem of Jupiter and Venus. But white topaz is the gem of the planet Venus. And to get all the auspicious results related to the planet Venus, white topaz gemstone is worn. Among all the planets, Venus is the gem associated with material comforts, opulence and opulence and objects of enjoyment, art and music. White topaz gemstone is worn for getting auspiciousness in all these subjects.

This stone is worn for success in love affairs, fashion, art, marriage and all other creative work to get positive results. Along with this, this stone also proves useful in giving comforts, prosperity and wealth. In order to get good results from the gemstone, it is necessary that the gemstone should be pure and of good quality as well as shiny.

To strengthen the position of the planet Jupiter in the horoscope, it is advisable to wear Topaz. Although most people wear yellow topaz, although there are many types of topaz. According to astrologers, wearing white topaz increases the knowledge of man. Apart from this, financial problems are removed and wealth increases.

Wearing white topaz also gives birth to a child. Let us tell you that not everyone can wear white topaz. Therefore, always wear this gem only on the advice of astrologers. While some people of the zodiac get auspicious benefits by wearing white topaz, it is considered inauspicious for some people.

People of these zodiac signs can wear white topaz: Jupiter is the lord of the planets Sagittarius and Pisces. In such a situation, it is auspicious for the people of Sagittarius and Pisces to wear white topaz. Apart from this, the people of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Cancer can also wear white topaz. Let us tell you that white topaz is the gem of the planet Venus. In such a situation, wearing white topaz increases the material comforts of the person.

You should wear the topaz gemstone in the index finger by getting it made in a gold ring or branch. To wear the ring, on the Thursday of any Shukla Paksha, in Pushya Nakshatra, after the sun rises, do the Pranapratishtha of the ring. For which first put the ring in a solution of milk, then Gangajal, then honey and then sugar. After that you light five incense sticks or incense etc. in the name of Lord Jupiter. After lighting incense, lamp etc., pray to Jupiter Dev that hey! Lord Brihaspati, I am wearing this gem to get your blessings, please grant me your blessings. Now take out the ring from the solution and chant Om Brahma Brihaspatiye Namah 108 times while rotating it over the incense stick. After that, touch the ring at the feet of Lord Vishnu and wear it on the index finger.

The cost of a white sapphire depends on its quality, colour,weight and its cut.

Origin/ Source:-

white sapphire Sri Lanka (Ceylonie), Burma (Brahmins) is considered the best because they are counted in the old mineshoe, so their pricing is usually high.

usually of good quality up to ? 5000 ratti or carat ? 200000 per ratti or carat carat

  1. I have heard that white topaz from Sri Lanka and Varma is the best, so how much does it cost

Yes Sri Lanka and Verma have a lot of white topaz

Yes white topaz from Sri Lanka and Varma is very good and its price can go from 3000 rati/carat to 200000 rati/carat.

2. I heard that India white sapphire is a duplicate

No, white sapphire poplar is not found in India

3. If we buy Topaz and if it doesn't suit me we can return it

It depends on the purity price of the gems.

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