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Pearl (Moti)

The Hindu tradition describe the sacred which were first documented in Garuda Purana , one of the books of Hindu scriptures . Astrologers contains references to natural pearl as stimulant to treat mental ailments . A pearl is of color white to bluish grey . And also natural pearl contains very powerful imperative vedic astrological tradition and is worn to calm the planet Moon in the wearer's birth chart and is extremely effective in anger issues , skin and distracted life problems. Original pearl (Moti) generally comes from South sea , Venezuela, Burma , India(hyderabad).

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Education about Pearl (Moti)

Pearls were considered the ultimate symbol of wealth and social standing . The Greek held the pearl in height esteem for both its unrivaled beauty and its association with love and marriage . Throughout history , the pearl , with its warm inner glow and shimmering iridescence , has been one of the most highly prized and sought after gems . In many ancient societies pearls symbolized the Moon and were imbued with magical properties . Ancient Chinese civilizations believed that wearing pearls protected a person from fire and dragons and other cultures have associated them with class and modesty . The Pearl is a symbol of perfection and incorruptibility and also it is a symbol of long life and fertility . The pearl represents hidden knowledge and it is highly feminine . In early modern history , pearls continued to be viewed as a status symbol . Pearls are extremely unique , largely due to the fact that they are the only gem material formed and found within a living creature and also pearls require no cutting or polishing before use and are simply stunning the way they naturally form . A pearl is a natural , white to bluish grey colored , organic stone created inside the body of a living called Mollusc . Pearl or moti contains poerful astrological importance in the vedic astrology and is worn to calm the planet Moon in the wearer birth chart and is extremely effective in anger management , skin problems and health related issues . Original natural pearls (Moti) come from China (cultured) , South sea , Venezuela , and Barsa . Flawless , smooth , shining and round gemstone is best recommended for the zodiac sign cancer . Being associated with the Moon Pearls signify softness , peace and steady mind , indecisiveness , depression and instability are suggested to wear pearl stone , and also problems related to throat , eyes , memory and brain power can be reduced by embracing a moti . Pearl is also associated with royalty and luxury and offers the wearer kingly comforts . Apart from the various astrological benefits , Pearls are loved by women across the world to be worn in the form of jewellery and adornments . You can buy good quality original and 100% pure pearls from the comfort of your home from trusted website like .

Pearl is considered an important gem in astrology. Pearl is related to Moon. In astrology, the Moon is considered the factor of the mind. People whose moon is inauspicious or weak, they are advised to wear pearls. Let us know what are the benefits of wearing pearls and when should they be worn.

According to the belief, Moti is very dear to Lakshmi ji. That is why pearls are also used in Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. Wearing pearls gives special grace of Lakshmi ji. Pearls should be worn by people who have lack of money or any problems related to it.

According to astrology, the person who gets angry more should wear pearls. Along with this, the mind does not remain stable, if the state of fear of the unknown persists, then you can wear pearls.

According to astrology, people born in Cancer ascendant or zodiac sign get auspicious results by wearing pearls. People whose Moon sign is Cancer and Jupiter's sign is Pisces, they also benefit from wearing pearls.

If any member of the family remains ill, then pearls should be worn. Wearing pearl removes negativity and positive thoughts come in the mind.

Those born in Aries Cancer Leo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius and Pisces or Ascendant must wear pearls.


Moti Ratna is the karaka gem of the Moon, wearing it strengthens the Moon in a person's horoscope and blesses them with peace, mental balance, positivity and good health.

According to astrology, Moon is the lord of Cancer sign, so people of Cancer zodiac must wear it.

Apart from this, people who are born in Leo, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces zodiac or Ascendant can also wear pearl gems to get good results.

There are many types of pearl gems, so the price of all is different.

Pearls are usually found in two types nowadays, one natural and one man-made, sometimes there is a lot of difference in the price of both.

Hyderabadi pearls are found in India which are sometimes cheap which are little effective which is available from 100 rati/carat to 300 rati/carat

But if you want a good option then you can look at the option of South Sea Pearl / Verma Pearl, its quality is very good which can go from 300 / rat / carat to 5000 rat / carat

Although nowadays Chinese pearls are also being found in the market which are fake, so one should be careful.

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Can pearl gems be worn in gold other than silver?

You can wear pearls in gold too.

Are man-made pearls fake?

No, they only cultivate pearls, pearls are found in sheep, those who live in water are made to grow pearls at home.

Is the pearl of work price not effective?

Absolutely effective but good quality is more effective

which pearl of mine should i get

First thing pearls do not come out of a mine, this ship which comes out of the stomach of an animal, still you can take Southshi pearls or Verma

Pearl gems should be made in silver ring on any Monday of Shukla Paksha and worn in silver or gold and should be worn on the shortest finger of the right hand. Before wearing it, after taking panchamrit bath with milk-curd-honey-ghee-tulsi leaves etc., after cleaning the Ganges water and worshiping with lamp and kumkum, the mantra given below should be worn after chanting 108 times. Keep in mind that the positive effect of any gemstone lasts only as long as its purity is maintained.


Om Chan Chandraya Namah.