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Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

A vedic astrology belief holds that Blue Sapphire (Neelam) causes the planet Saturn (Shani) to be favourable to the wearer . And also it is known as the "wisdom stone" and it is very effective in business , career , health & marriage and achievement in a persons life . And also it lightens mood and balance emotions of the wearer . Most importantly it aligns your internal self with higher realms . Hence , An Italian superstitions holds that Blue Sapphire are amulets against eye problem and melancholy . Natural Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is an extremely valuable , blue colored gemstone of the corundum family and generally comes from Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) ,Burma and Kashmir . The stone is extremely helpful for individual experiencing a tough period of "Shani sadhe saati" or Dhaiya in their lives .

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Education about Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire (Menaing Neelam in Hindi) is a highly precious , blue colored gemstone of the corundum mineral family . Know as the most influential and active acting gemstone in Vedic astrology . It is highly appreciated for its pure Blue hue hue and astrological importance . It represents Saturn (Shani) & recognized as the most powerful gemstone in vedic astrology . And also as per vedic astrology, it is very effective in buisness , career , health and marriage . Blue Sapphire (Neelam) generally comes from Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) , Burma and Kashmir and is worn by people for peace of mind and for taking right decision in life . Blue Sapphire also helps in handling neurological disorders and is extremely helpful for individuals experiencing a tough period of Shani saade saati in their lives . An original Neelam stone also shield a wearer against natural calamities , accident and theifts . People from field like martial arts , drama and cinematography can benefits greatly from this stone . Enough care must be taken to see that this astrological ratna is worn in the right way . To know the proper methods and to ensure that the gemstone purchased is original and certified ; you can opt for which is a hub for precious and semi-precious jyotish gemstone .

Benefits of Blue Sapphire (Neelam)

Blue Sapphire (Neelam) is a gemstone associated with royalty . It is believed to attract abundance , blessings and gifts . It has been used to protect against negative energies , as well as calm the mind , strengthen intuition and invite spiritual clarity . The beautiful Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone is one of the highly desired gemstone around the world . Its divine aura and magnificent beauty hold a vital place not only in the whole of the gemstone arena but also in the way of leading a prosperous life . Ruled by the strongest planet Saturn (Shani) , a blue sapphire reduces the malefic effects of all the evil eyes on your body and other aspects of life . Blue Sapphire is extremely popular and recognized as Neelamani , Indraneel , Indraneelam , Neela pukhraj etc . In the Ancient world , people used to belive the gemstone as a savior because of its energy to resolve financial , professional and psychological issues a person faced during the tough phase of Shani - saadesati . Blue Sapphire (Neelam ) is recognized as the most powerful gemstone in vedic astrology . Being the most powerful astrological gemstone , It is very fast acting & brings instant result . Brings Fame & Fortune - Blue Sapphire has a power to to remove misfortune by rewarding the person with abundant opportunities on Buisness & Professional front . Reoriented Discipline , Patience and Detachment - Saturn is known to inculcate discipline in natives lifestyle and makes him focused , determined and progressive towards work . Benefits of Neelam gemstone are reflected in the rewards gained as a result of evolved work ethics of the wearer . Surging Fortune - One of the most rewarding benefits of blue sapphire is the instant reversal of sliding fortune . Neelam rashi ratan strengthens the weakend Saturn , thereby blessing the person with abundant opportunites to create and manage wealth . Sound Body & Mind - Neelam stones makes the person focused & determined in his endeavors to achieve his goals . It helps in healing joint pains & Arthritis . It tranquilizes the mind and relieves people of confusion , anxiety and depression . Instant success in buisness , jobs , and independent projects - Saturn is known to compensate the person with just rewards . Professional or buisnessmen facing stagnancy in their careers , can break the deadlocks and turnaround their fortune in no time by wearing blue sapphire .

Blue sapphire is being associated with the karmic Saturn and is recommended for people undergoing difficult phase of (shani saade saati ) or (Dhayia ) in their lives . Since , its effect are quite strong and felt instantly , Neelam gemstone should be worn on recommendation by expert astrologer after careful analysis of your horoscope . India astrology prescribe Neelam ratna for Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) rashi . Western astrology recommends blue sapphire birthstone of Libra (Tula ) . Neelam birthstone can also be worn by Gemini , Vigro and Tarus .


1. I have heard that blue sapphire from Sri Lanka and Varma is the best, so how much does it cost


Yes Sri Lanka and Verma have a lot of blue sapphires


Yes the blue sapphire of Sri Lanka and Varma is very good and its price can go up to 3000 rati/carat to 200000 rati/carat.


2. I heard that the blue sapphire from Bangkok is a duplicate


No, it would have been real but a gem that looks like it could be wrong.


3. If we buy blue sapphire and if it doesn't suit me we can return it


It depends on the purity price of the gems.

Get the first Sapphire gemstone rings or pendants inlaid in silver or iron.


sapphire holding method


On the first Saturday of Shukla Paksha, after the sunrise, the life of the ring should be established.


First put the ring in Ganga water, milk, saffron and honey for 15 to 20 minutes and keep it.


Worship Shani Dev after taking bath.


Remove the ring from the solution and wash it with Ganges water.


After this, now worship the ring while chanting for 51 turns, Om Shanishcharye Namah.


Now place the ring at the feet of Shiva and pray to Shani Dev.


Touch the feet of Shiva and wear the ring on the middle finger.




The cost of a sapphire depends on its quality, colour, weight and cut.


original source:-


Blue Sapphire Sri Lanka (Ceylonie), Varma (Vermis) are considered the best as they are counted in old mine, hence their price is usually high.


Usually up to good quality? 5000 Ratti or Carat? 200000 carat per ratti or carat


Would you like blue sapphire of good quality from Bangkok (Thailand)? 1000 carats or rati? 20000 carats, also comes in the count of original mines.

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