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Ruby (Manik)

A traditional Hindu astrological belief hold that rubies as the "gemstone of the sun" and also the heavenly diety Surya . The leader of the nine heavenly bodies(Navgraha) . The further belief is that wearing rubies sauses the sun (surya) to be favourable to the wearer . And also astrologers states that Ruby(Manik) is worn for growth in career , social status and love relationships with parents , improve health and gives authority . Ruby (Manik) is of pinkish red to blood red colored precious stone of the corundum family . Natural Ruby generally comes from Africa , Burma and other places.

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Education about Ruby (Manik)

Ruby have been treasured by both ancient and modern culture as a precious gemstone known for its beautiful red hue and passionate sparkle . Rubies have been associated with passion , love as well as beauty and wisdom . In ancient India , Ruby is in fact called the (Ratnaraj) or the (King of precious stones ) . Rubies throught time have been said to have many positive effects and mystical properties . Ruby is associated with the sun , and was thought to preserve mental and physical health . In the middle ages , rubies were viewed as a stone of prophecy . It was thought the stone darkened when danger was near . Ivan the terrible of Russia stated that Rubies were good for the heart, brain and memory . A thirteenth century prescription to cure liver problems called for powdered ruby . In the 15th 16th centuries , rubies were thought to counteract poison . When rubbed on the skin , they were also thought to restore youth and vitality . Emotionally it is believed that rubies improve motivation and the setting of goals . They promote positive dreams and clear visualization and aid in retaining wealth and passion . They bring up negative anger in order for change and removal . They also promote dynamic leadership. They bring a positive and courageous state of mind - one that is sharp, hyper aware and concentrated . They make you stronger during times of controversy or dispute and shield against physical attack . A Ruby is also said to be settler of disputes , having the power of reconciliation . A Ruby is dynamic and brings about passion and enthusiasm , attracting sexual activity . Natural pinkish red coloured ruby gemstone is associated with authority and royalty and is worn for enhancing your personality and uplifting your status . An original Manik stone is suited best for people with Leo (Singh) , Aries (Mesh) and Sagittarious (Dhanu) rashi . An original Ruby is mined in Burma , Sri-Lanka , Madagascar and a Burmese Ruby may be equal to diamond in terms of value and price . Ruby belongs to the corundum family and has its color due to the traces of chromium in it . Ruby stone is said to be symbolic of passion , power energy , and ambitions . It also protect the wearer against bad dreams and nightmare . Those who have trouble with eyesight and blood circulation can wear manik ratna . Vedic astrology also suggests natural Ruby stone to worn for growth in career , social status , and for improving paternal relationship . By knowing these benefits , you can make a perfect choice to buy an original and non-fraudulent Ruby from a . The most recommended website can help you choose the right stone with proper carat /weight cerificate and recommendation based on your birthchart .

Among the Navaratnas, ruby is considered an auspicious gem because it is a stone of the Sun, so its effect is the most on human beings.

So let's know what is the auspicious result of wearing a ruby stone on a person.

Who should wear ruby?

People of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius ascendant can wear ruby.

Ruby gives normal results in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ascendant.

Any person who wants to make a career in doctor medical government job administration wants to get success in it, apart from this, those who work from cloth to glass to agriculture, they should wear rubies.

Wearing this stone also increases the person's pride. The person wearing Manikya i.e. Ruby Stone gets respect in the society.

The power of this gemstone brings leadership qualities in a person, with the help of which he can work in the official and administrative field.

With the auspicious effect of Sun God, the person's self-confidence increases and his tendency to hesitate is also removed.

Ruby also enhances the feeling of passion, love, enthusiasm and compassion. This gem also increases the attractiveness of the person.

In the horoscope, when the Sun is in the second or fourth house, there is a rift with the members of the family. In such a situation, to strengthen family relationships, the Sun's gem ruby ??should be worn.

If you want to get a government job, then Ruby stone can help you in fulfilling this wish.

This gemstone is also worn for profit and progress in business.

If there are problems or obstacles in your career or you are not able to get the job you want, then pearl stone can help you in this direction.

Wearing ruby ??is also advised to fight depression and to overcome it.

Ruby stone can also remove eye diseases and disorders related to blood circulation.

Ruby stone has the power to remove fluctuations in blood pressure, heart related problems and bleeding disorders.

Ruby stone can be used to cure high and low blood pressure and disorders related to brain and lungs.

This stone purifies the blood and helps in keeping the heart and liver healthy.

Ruby controls pitta in the body.

ruby is the gem of the sun

A person in whose horoscope the Sun is weak or the Sun has to be auspicious can wear ruby.

Sun is the owner of the fifth house in the horoscope and the fifth house in the horoscope.

Man's child education lottery, speculative intelligence, children's progress, initial education is of success in love and children's happiness, so if you have any of these problems in life, then you can wear ruby ??gems.

In addition

Anyone who is born in Aries Cancer Leo Scorpio Sagittarius Pisces Ascendant or Rashi can wear ruby.

The most popular ruby ??mines are in Myanmar (Burma), this is one of the oldest mines, this ruby ??is considered to be the best, but according to the times, it is now being used as a gemstone, the ruby ??of this place is named as Old Burma Ruby. is known from

The cost of Old Burma Ruby can range from Rs.10000 to Rs.500000000 a rati or carat


Although rubies can also be found in Vietnam, Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Ruby is found from Bangkok or Thailand


Apart from Old Varma, Madagascar's ruby ??is good, which costs from 10000 thousand to 20000 lakh per carat or rati.

Nowadays, Ruby of Africa Mozambique and Bangkok is getting more in the market, in which Mozambique Ruby is the best, which is getting from 1 thousand rupees to 15000 thousand rupees rati or carat.

However, the price of a gem depends on its beauty, its cuttings and quarries.

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<p> Is what you are getting in Mozambique ruby ??market nowadays is original</p> <p> &nbsp; yes mozambican ruby ??is original</p> <p> Is the ruby ??meal of Africa in the market nowadays, is it original?</p> <p> Yes that is also original but you have to buy after seeing because some</p> <p> &nbsp; People are selling duplicates too</p> <p> what is the real color of ruby</p> <p> &nbsp; The actual color of a ruby ??is reddish pink and sometimes light blue.</p> <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; but red and pink are best</p> <p> What are the benefits of Ruby Gemstone?</p> <p> Ruby is one of the most important astrological gemstones. It is the astrological gemstone of Sun Planet and is primarily worn for Power, Status &amp; Motivation it helps in making the person more energetic &amp; enthusiastic.</p> <p> Who should wear ruby stone?</p> <p> Ruby is worn for its immense astrological benefits and is beneficial for those who are in politics, bureaucracy and administration jobs. Those who have problems related to children, those who have obstacles in love, it would be auspicious for them.</p> <p> Ruby stone worn in which finger?</p> <p> Ruby Stone should be worn in Ring finger for astrological benefits.</p>

rules for wearing ruby

Ruby is a sun gem, so ruby ??should always be worn in the ring finger or around the neck.

This gem should be worn in gold, bronze or copper metal.

Wear it on the ring finger of your right hand after the sun rises on any Sunday of Shukla Paksha.

To purify and consecrate the ring, first of all dip the ring in a solution of milk, Ganges water, honey, and sugar, then light five incense sticks in the name of the Sun God and pray that O Sun God, to get your blessings. Wearing your representative gem! bless me

After taking out the ring from the water, chanting the mantra Om Ghrinih Suryay Namah 108 times, rotate the ring over the incense stick and after chanting the mantra 108 times, touch the ring with the feet of Vishnu or Sun God and wear it on the ring finger.