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Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite (Gomed) is a dark brown or honey - colored , semi-precious gemstone from the gossular garnet mineral group . A vedic astrology belief holds that Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone ensure that there is certain relief from evil effect of rahu . It helps in clearing the confusion that native with rahu doshas face. It also help in bringing confident , stability , extremely effective in money , career and business as well as positive energy into individual lives. Natural Hessonite (Gomed) generally comes from India , Africa and Sri-Lanka (Ceylon).

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Education about Hessonite (Gomed)

Hessonite (Gomed) is a gemstone that is ruled by the planet Rahu , cold in nature and is considered to be a strong gemstone in remedy for evil effect of Rahu . It calms the mind of the wearer and relieves him/her from depression , deep seated anxieties and mental problems . Gomed helps boost concerntration , focus and gives clear direction to help achieve goals . Therefore it is quite beneficial for students and people who are working in the field of research . And also Hessonite always brings prosperity in the lives of its possessor . Hessonite gemstone can likewise stimulate an individual into speculation into new thoughts , and re-developing an all the more invigorating lifestyle and also it reinforce ones capacity and even changes ones adversary into a companion . Astrologically the stone is said to bring clarity and confidence to an individual , eliminates illness and offers well - being . It is also helpful for building a trustful and everlasting bond between lovers and spouse . The most important is that Hessonite stone is an invaluable asset for removing kaal sarpa dosha (The curse of snake ) . Buisnessmen , politician , lawyer and government employees get a lot of benefits from original Hessonite. Hessonite is a dark Brown or honey coloured semi-precious gemstone from the grossular garnet mineral group . The gemstone is known for excellent lustre , rich colour and flawlessness . It is an ultimate remedy to troubles caused by Rahu and helps in bringing protection , speedy success , prosperity and power to the wearer . Natural Gomed stone generally comes from India , Africa and Sri-Lanka (Ceylon) . If you think finding a perfect and original Hessonite stone is becoming a difficult venture , is the place to be . The website offers natural precious and semi-precious gemstone with certification and gurantee .

Gomed is the gem of the planet Rahu and the planet Rahu leads a person to sudden progress and success, so let's know what are the benefits of wearing Rahu gem Gomed .


Those who do business in the fields related to politics, public relations, communication, they get amazing benefits from wearing Gomed. These people get strength, prosperity and success by wearing Hessonite stone.


This stone can also be worn to defeat enemies and opponents and to remove thoughts filled with despair.


Those whose mind is surrounded by confusion and apprehensions, they should wear the gemstone of Rahu. This stone brings transparency in thoughts. By removing the fear of the mind, Gomed increases the confidence of the person and motivates him.


If your stomach is upset or you are troubled by stomach related disorders or your metabolism is weak then you can wear Gomed. This stone increases the physical strength of the person.


Gomed stone also has a positive effect on the brain. You can use this stone to relieve stress and depression.


Hessonite can also be worn to avoid a variety of diseases and health conditions such as epilepsy, eye infections, allergies, cancer, sinus, varicose veins, blood pressure and nausea.


One gets freedom from phantom obstruction by wearing Gomed gem.


Even if you are troubled by debt, you can wear Gomed gemstone.

Who should wear Gomed - Persons whose zodiac sign or ascendant is Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra or Aquarius should wear Gomed.


  Wearing Gomed is beneficial if Rahu is in the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th house or in the fifth and ninth house in the horoscope.


Silver metal is the best for Gomed stone. Apart from silver, you can also wear it in Panchadhatu. The ring of this gemstone is worn on the middle finger.

In the evening on Saturday or Wednesday, sit in front of the temple established in your house with a clean seat. After this take a copper vessel and pour Gangajal or raw milk in it and dip the Gomed gem in it. Now chant Rahu's mantra 'Om Raa Rahave Namah' 108 times. After chanting the mantra, give incense-lamp and then wear this gem.

At present the price of Gomed is very high.

If you buy Sri Lankan Gomed then you can get up to 6000 thousand rupees from 500 rupees rati or carat because Gomed is the best of Sri Lanka


Today African Gomed is also found of good quality, so it can be found from 100 rupees or carat to 1500 rupees.


Gomed found in India can be found from 50 rupees rati to 300 rupees


Apart from this, GOMED is found abundantly in Australia and South America.

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For which planet on Gomed is worn

Gomed is worn for the planet Rahu.


what is the actual color of Gomed

Actual color of Gomed is brown and cow urine color


where is the best

The best Gomed is found in Sri Lanka and Africa


In which finger Gomed should be worn

Gomed should always be worn in the middle finger.