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Opal (Doodhiya Patthar)

Opal is white colored semi-precious gemstone of the silicate mineral family. Opal was believed to embody the evil eye . And also opal is considered as a gemstone of great luck , benefit in career , marriage &health and luxury because it was believed to posses all the virtues of each gemstone whose color was represented in the color spectrum of the opal . Opal works miraculously for the ascedant's of Venus (sukra) planet . The major sources of natural Opal are Australia and Ethiopia .

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Education about Opal (Doodhiya Patthar)

Opal is considered to enhance the creativity and artistic abilities of a person . Opal is believed to bring good fortune , peace , joy and wealth to the wearer . Opal helps the wearer to have a pleasing personality . And also Opal is thought to cure eye - related problems and keep eyes healthy and grant an excellent immune system . Opal is a semi-precious gemstone and is also called the (Queen of gems) of the silicate mineral family . Opal gemstone signifies beauty power and financial prosperity . It improves the intuition of the person and spreads positivity in sector like wealth , family , child and fame . Natural Opals ruling planet is Venus (Shukra) and can be worn by people seeking benefits in career , marriage and luxury . The major sources of opal stone are Australia and Ethiopia . Doodhiya patthar is highly recommended to people born with zodiac signs Tarus and Libra . Because of its many benefits in astrology Depending upon the qualities , Opals are classified into common opals and precious oplas and other types of opals like black oplas , white opals , fire opals and more . The stone is recognized for its wonderful array of colours and measures 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale . An original Opal gemstone enhances your social status and is beneficial for those in the creative fields like fashion , acting and jwellery. It gives you strength to cope with the tough times and negativities in life . It is also helps in medical disorders related to stomach and eyes .The australian Opal stone should be worn on Friday in the index finger of the working hand after reciting (Aum shukraye namah) . you can take advise of astrologer and gemstone from your trusted site

Opal is a gem of the planet Venus, which is worn instead of diamond.

So let's know the benefits of wearing Opal gemstone


Opal is worn for marital bliss, love, relationship, coitus, fertility and sexual compatibility.


This gemstone provides neuro-stability to its wearer as it strikes a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Wearing opal is beneficial as it cures many problems related to eyes, throat, spleen, bone marrow, pancreas and reproductive organs.


Eliminates speech defects in your life


If there is a hindrance in your marriage or a bad married life, then you can wear opal.


You can wear opal even if your money is not accumulating.


This gem also cures your family dispute.

Opal gemstone is worn to enhance the effect of the planet Venus.


The person whose birth chart has Libra and Taurus ascendant or whose birth sign is Libra or Taurus can wear Opal gemstone without any hesitation.


The person whose Venus is not strong in his horoscope, that person should also strengthen his Venus by wearing Opal.


People born in the horoscope of Cancer and Capricorn ascendant can also wear Opal.


Opal gemstone should be worn on Friday before 9 am


Get this gem set in silver


and should be worn in the index finger


While wearing this gem, remembering the deity of Shukra, one should chant the mantra 108 times – Om Dram Drin Draun Sas Shukray Namah, after that after worshiping with incense, lamp confectionery duly resolutely, the ring should be worn.


Being one of the most sought-after origins, Australian opal can be found from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000 per carat


Ethiopian, on the other hand, being of somewhat cheaper quality, fetches Rs.300 to Rs.2,000 per carat but has little hardness.


Mexican opal is also well priced because it is a bright and distinct orange color.


The price that shines more is the price of the work that shines, the price of the work is


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What is the difference between Ethiopian and Australian Opal?


Both opals are gems, but Austrilia opal is harder than Ethiopian opal so it is valuable. Natural Australian opal has higher water content but Ethiopian opal is hydrophane which means it absorbs water and retains its own Changes color. Ethiopian Opal is an African gemstone which is comparatively low in price. And its hardness is also work, sometimes it breaks itself.

Opal is worn instead of which gemstone?

Opal is a gem of the planet Venus, which is worn in lieu of a diamond.


What color is considered a good opal

Good opal is supposed to be white


Opal gemstone also has any disadvantages

No this gem always gives benefit