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Red Coral (Moonga)

In Hindu astrology red coral is associated with planet mars or graha mangala and used for pleasing mars . And its worn on the ring finger . Red coral (Moonga) is extremely successful in treating mangal dosh and ensure success in management roles , sports , business and health .Red coral (moonga) is a deep organic stone made out in the deep sea be oceanic creature called coral polyps . In Islamic red coral (moonga) is mentioned as one of the gems in paradise. Natural Red coral (Moonga) generally comes from Italy and Japan .

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Education about Red Coral (Moonga)

The Red Coral (Moonga) gemstone is the symbol of the royal god of war , Mars . Its only natural that such a gem would inherently equate confidence and courage. Sporting a gem such as this is thought by some to literally enhance the confidence of the wearer . It is also associated with increased physical strength and sexual desire. Red coral is also considered by astrologers as a positive mental health stone . Indian astrologists say the Red Coral represents the "Mangalaya Balam" In other words , marriage compatibility . Red coral is believed to increase the longevity of marriages and even ward off widowhood from the wife . This belief coincides well with the ideas that Red coral provides new zest and verve to the wearer . Red coral is associated with planet Mars and graha Mangala and used for pleasing Mars and is extremely successful in treating mangal dosh . This gemstone is worn to increase weakly placed Mars(Mangal) in a persons horoscope . An original Red Coral generally comes from Italy and Japan . It is deep red organic stone made out in the deep sea by oceanic creatures called Coral polyps . And also an original Red Coral gives its wearer victory over enemies and adversaries if worn with proper methods and rituals. Since Mars is the god of warfare it gives courage to the native to overcome obstacles in all forms and ensures victory . One must wear Red coral in a ring finger to increase confidence . Warding off evils like black magic , improving mental health and healing problems related to blood circulation and daibetes . Red coral blesses the person having Aries , Cancer , Scorpio , Sagittarius , and pisces as sun signs . However , it is also recommended for Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) rashi . If you need to buy pure Red coral for mental health or other achievements in life , that strives to provide the pure quality and non-fraudulent Red coral gemstone.

Coral gemstone which is called Praval in Sanskrit, Angarkamani, Raktang, Moonga in Hindi and Coral in English. Coral is the representative gem of Mars planet, coral is mainly red in color, in addition, coral is also of vermilion, ocher, and white color, coral is an organic gem, it is about six to seven hundred feet deep rocks in the womb of the sea. But there are special types of insects, which are called Isis nobilis. It is a house built by them for themselves.


People who are facing difficult situations in life. The influence of coral gives them patience and courage.


People associated with the medical field benefit greatly from wearing coral.

Coral develops leadership ability in you and makes you able to face the challenges of life.


It is believed that if a pregnant woman wears a coral stone, the chances of miscarriage in the first 3 months of pregnancy are reduced.


People of Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces can wear coral.

Coral gemstone must be worn to overcome sadness and mental depression.


People of Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces can wear coral.


Sun and Mars are friends with each other. The gemstone of the sun is ruby, so ruby ??can be worn with coral.


Wearing red coral gives strength to face the difficult situations in life with self respect and strong will.


People like police, army, doctors, property workers, weapon manufacturers, surgeons, computer software and hardware engineers, etc. get special benefits from wearing coral.


Wearing red coral gem in gold or copper metal is very good. The weight of this gemstone should not be less than 5 carats. Keep the coral stone immersed in cow's milk or Gangajal overnight. By doing this all the impurities of the gem are removed.


Wear this gem on Tuesday in the Hora of Mars. Because this day and time are most auspicious for wearing coral. Sit on a red colored seat and place a ring studded with coral gems on a red cloth. Place some flowers on this cloth and light an incense stick. After this, chant the mantra “Om Kram Kreen Kraunsa: Bhaumay Namah” 108 times and then wear this ring in the ring finger of the right hand.

The price of red coral is based on weight and mine.


Red coral is considered to be the best of two places, Italy and Japan.


Italian coral 5 to 7 rati is available for Rs 150 to Rs 700 per rati


And the price of coral from 7 to 20 rati is found from Rs 250 to 2500 rati


Coral of Japan is considered to be the best, whose price ranges from 1000 rupees to 10000 thousand rupees per rati.

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Coral is worn for which planet?

This stone is associated with Mars (Mangal) Planet as per Indian Vedic astrology. Mars is a masculine planet and radiated intense & fiery energy. Mars governs Soldiers, warriors, athletes, pilots, farmers, miners, constructors and property dealers.

On which day should one wear Coral Gemstone?

Coral Gemstone should be worn on Tuesday


what color is coral stone

Coral gemstone is red, white, black and yellow in colour.


In which finger should the coral stone be worn?

Coral gemstone should be worn in the ring finger


In which metal coral should be worn?

Coral gemstone should be worn in copper, brass or gold.