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Irani Firoza (Turquoise)

Irani Firoza gemstone is the powerhouse of benefits . It increases self-confident , it increases the strength of your muscels and protects you from evil spirit . Astrolologically Irani Firoza is also called the healing gem of empathy which improves the sensitivity and thinking power of the wearer . And also this gemstone is fruitful in academics & creative profiles and is believed for bringing major positive differences in academics such as for scholars , researchers , teachers due to its association with the planet Jupiter (Brahspati) . This gemstone also amends the decision -making skills of the wearer . Astrological belive holds that this gemstone is heavily valued for its metaphysical abilities that helps in bringing financial stability , improves the social status and social life of its wearer by a significant margin . Irani Firoza (Turquoise) is a light blue colored , semi-precious stone belonging to the phosphate mineral family . This gemstone is worn as the December month stone . Natural Irani Firoza Generally comes from Tibet , Mexico , Arizona , Egypt , Turkey and America.

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