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Moon Stone

Moon stone is said to a stone for "new beginnings" , and is a stone of inner growth and strength . It soothes emotional instability and stress , and stabilises the emotions providing calmness . Moonstone enhances intuition , promotes inspiration , success and good fortune in love and buisness matters . Moonstone is thought to bring its wearer good fortune and feelings of love and affection . And also moon stone carries a powerful , centuries old name for its high aesthetics , different mystical qualities and remedial abilities . This gemstone is notably featured in the ancient text of India , Rome , China and Egypt . From cleopatra to Angelina jolie . Forever worn as a sign of class and style throughout the centuries . Rated as the "queen of gem" the stone is labeled by different name in different countries and cultures such as 'Tarak Ratna ' or ' Chandra Ratna ' in Hindi . Since moon is connected with the parents or the nurtured in the vedic astrology , wearing chandra ratna - moon stone serve the well bring of person's mother and increase their respective bonding . Natural Moon stone is of white adularescence to blue or despite being somewhat fragile . And generally comes from Sri-Lanka , India .

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