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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz (Also called Rutile Quartz ) ia a unique gem variety from the Quartz mineral family which is prized for its visible , hair like rutile inclusions in golden , copper red , silver , brown , green or black color . This inclusions are present within the crystal in beautiful patterns that amplify the inner radiance and beauty of this wonderful gemstone . It is majority worn for healing purpose . The rutile element present in Quartz is what makes this gemstone one of a kind , both physically and metaphysically . It is believed that the colored strands of the Rutilated Quartz healing crystal posses some protective and curative properties that can bring great benefits for the wearer . This gemstone is also addressed by other names such as ' Rutilquarz ' 'Sagenitic Quartz ' 'Venus hair stone ' and Angel Hair' . And also , It improves decision - making power , promotes spirituality & meditation practices , bestows blissful relationship , Revitalises health and enhances psychin abilities . Natural Rutilated Quartz generally found in Australia , Brazil , Kazahkstan , Madagascar , Norway , Pakistan and the United States .

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