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Golden Topaz

Golden Topaz brings wisdom , fortune and protection from evil spirits . The wearer is also bestowed with the glory and mental peace . Better behaviour is seen in an individual as it reduces the tendency of getting angry . For students and aspirants who wear pure jyotish Topaz excel in what they aim for by improving their intelligence . This gem is connected with the guru (teacher) , as jupiter is called as per vedic astrology helps the student or professional to take correct decision and achieve maximum success. And also Golden Topaz also imbibes Knowledge of law , ethics and worldly happiness , the reason advocates , lawyer and scholars benefits immensely from the gem . Golden Topaz offers its wearer the strength to live life according to their own values . In addition , its cheerful energy promotes the fulfillment of personal dreams , as well as the joy of sharing in the good fortune of others. Natural Golden Topaz generally comes from Brazil , Ukarine , Russia , Africa , Australia , United States and Asia .

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