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Since ancient times , natural Tourmaline stone has been used by saints and healer for gaining protection and relief from physical and mental ailments . Even today , it is believed that tourmaline metaphysical properties cure the wearer on all grounds - physical , mental , emotional and spiritual . Gem healers believed that tourmaline gemstone has a powerful detoxifying effect that helps to expel toxins and harmful acids from the wearer body . It promotes positivity and brings happiness in the person's life . Wearing Tourmaline is strongly recommended to individuals suffering from insomnia or any sleep disoder . Its calming energies help to promote emotional healing , improves concentration power and ease sleep . Ancient people also believed that wearing Black Tourmaline benefits the individual by offering protection against on evil eye and bad dreams . And some professional athlets have noted that wearing Tourmaline powers their performance and allows quick recovery following a workout . Its curative properties help to cleanse liver , kidney , skin , blood and digestive system . Tourmaline healing properties also help in fat reduction , relieve stress and improve libido in men . Tourmaline is a natural colorful , semi-precious gemstone of the cyclosilicates mineral group . It is found in a variety of colors ranging from black , brown , red , pink , purple , yellow to green , colorless and even bi-color. Natural Tourmaline generally comes from Brazil and many parts of Africa .

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