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Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline is said to have powerful metaphysical and healing properties . It is often worn as a therapeutic gemstone to calm the anguish and support meditation practices . The relaxing and pleasing hue Pink Tourmaline is believed to have a smoothing effect that relieves stress and mood related problems . Pink Tourmaline is worn as a lucky charm in the western countries . It is said that Pink Tourmaline metaphysical properties help the wearer by improving the overall quality of life and making it joyful and fulfilling . And also Pink Tourmaline gemstone is worn to boost creativity and is considered good for artistic people particularly lyricists , musicians , photographer and writer etc . Pink Tourmaline is said to have feminine energies that work wonders for the female entrepreneurs by bringing mental awareness and improving their intellectual thinking . Pink Tourmaline is a highly desired Pink ranging from light Pink to hot Pink and all the colors of Pink in between Pink bicolor and tricolor gemstone . Natural Pink Tourmaline generally comes from Afganistan , Brazil , East Africa , Nigeria , Mozambique , Madagascar , U.S.A.

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