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Kidney Stone

Kidney stone is also known as Malachite stone . In vedic astrology , Kidney stone or Malachite gemstone is ruled by the planet Mercury (Budha) . Kidney stone enhances the memory of the wearer , the wearer of this stone is blessed with enthusiasm in all aspects of life . And also Kidney stone benefits in grounding energies and protection are well known . Kidney stone or Malachite green stone benefits by ushering prosperity , abundance and good fortune . The Kidney stone is also popularly referred to as the Dana Firang stone . It is associated with earth and helps in grounding , it clears and balances all chakras . And also Kidney stone protects from lower/evil energies , including protection during pregnency and child birth . Kidney stone or Malachite is of attractive rich green color and opaque green banded stone . It is majorly mined from Congo , Namibia , Australia , France , England .

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